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Engage world-class experts for success – Mireku Duker to mining firms.



Engage world-class experts for success – Mireku Duker to mining firms.

George Mireku Duker, a deputy minister of lands and natural resources in charge of mining, has stated that the ministry is willing to help mining companies hire top-notch engineers and other specialists who can provide them with the fundamental knowledge and technical direction they need to increase their profitability.

“To ensure the success of their operations, mining corporations must hire top-tier expertise. Additionally, my ministry is prepared to assist through the Minerals Commission.

After taking a working tour of the Golden Team Mining Company, George Mireku Duker extended the offer.

During his tour, he discovered several shortcomings that were compromising the mining company’s ability to operate.

These included problems with the power supply, the absence of a security and safety strategy, difficulties with ore recovery, and a lack of representation from Ghana on the management team.

“It goes without saying that if these problems are not thoroughly resolved, you will fail. These crucial elements of a sound operational requirement would have been identified through the hiring of staff with the appropriate technical knowledge.

Therefore, you must immediately hire a security expert with top-notch knowledge who can design a workable and enforceable plan to safeguard your assets and yourself.

“This nation possesses sufficient technical know-how to assist in addressing the ore recovery problem. I suggest that you discuss potential solutions for these problems with other mining firms and industry participants by sharing or exchanging information.

Nonetheless, George Mireku Duker was pleased with the steps the business took to protect the environment.

Additionally, I discovered that your book contains over 300 Ghanaians. The fact that you and the surrounding villages get along well also makes me happy.

Michael Lee, the managing director of Golden Team Mining Company, gave the minister an update on some significant CSR projects his company had completed over the years and promised to carry out more.

In addition, he listed several other difficulties the business is having and asked the deputy minister for assistance in resolving them.


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