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School building collapses injuring 10 students in Sefwi



School building collapses injuring 10 students in Sefwi

A poorly maintained Kramokrom D/A Primary school building in the Sefwi Wiawso Municipality of the Western North Region collapsed on students from primary one to four.

Approximately 50 pupils were affected by the collapse, which occurred during a windstorm, and 10 of them sustained injuries.

The school authorities and some older students quickly responded, rescuing their trapped classmates from the rubble.

The injured students were initially taken to the Anyinabrim clinic for treatment, and five of them were later transferred to the Sehwi Asafo St. John of God Hospital for further medical care.

According to eyewitness Ezekiel Armah, the collapse happened while the students were inside the classrooms. He noted that the structure was old and weakened by recent rainfall, causing it to give way when subjected to even a slight gust of wind.

Despite being one of the main schools in the district, the building had not undergone any renovation since its construction.

Source: AdomOnline

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