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Oboi Siki is advised to stop sleeping with ‘small girls’ so he can build a mansion too



Oboi Siki is advised to stop sleeping with ‘small girls’ so he can build a mansion too

Nana Ofori Agyemang, also known as Oboy Siki, a popular Kumawood actor, has been advised to redirect his resources towards securing a better future for himself instead of engaging in womanizing.

Oboy Siki has recently made headlines by claiming that fellow actor Agya Koo’s new mansion was built using funds he received from the New Patriotic Party (NPP), the ruling political party.

However, the National Public Relations Officer for the Film Producers Association (FIPAG), Mawule Ekpe Peter, has urged Oboy Siki, who once boasted about having relationships with 5,000 women, to cease his involvement with young girls if he wishes to build a respectable house with money earned from acting.

During an interview with Ambassador TV, ‘Abro’ disclosed, “Many Kumawood actors and actresses have amassed considerable wealth through acting.

I believe Oboy Siki is envious of Agya Koo and other successful Kumawood actors who have achieved financial success through their acting careers because he lacks what they possess.

I have known about Agya Koo’s mansion being constructed since 2011, so I fail to comprehend why people claim it was financed by the NPP, considering Agya Koo endorsed the party in 2016.

Instead of Oboy Siki appreciating the accomplishments of Agya Koo and other Kumawood actors and offering advice to up-and-coming actors and actresses to learn from their success, he simply condemns them out of envy and jealousy.”

He urged Ghanaians to applaud Agya Koo for his achievements rather than criticize his recent endeavors. “We should be grateful that Agya Koo didn’t resort to begging for money on social media to cover his basic needs or medical expenses.

Instead, he has publicly acknowledged that acting has helped him. Kyeiwaa, McBrown, Akrobeto, Kwaku Manu, Lilwin, and others haven’t endorsed any political party, but if I were to show you what they have accomplished with their earnings from acting, Ambassador, you would be amazed,” he remarked.

“Oboy Siki cannot attain anything substantial with the money earned from acting because he squanders it on young girls, buying them fried eggs and instant noodles just to sleep with them,” he asserted.

Source: AdomOnline

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