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‘Dampare Boys’ is vigilantism – Emmanuel Kotin



‘Dampare Boys’ is vigilantism – Emmanuel Kotin

Accusations have been leveled against the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) in Ghana, Dr George Akuffo Dampare, by a security analyst, Emmanuel Mawanye Kotin, who is also the Executive Director of the African Center for Security and Counterterrorism.

Mr Kotin has accused Dr Akuffo Dampare of breeding a group of officers called ‘Dampare Boys’ within the Ghana Police Service.

According to Mr Kotin, these special officers do not respect their seniors and do not take orders from any of their line commanders except Dr Akuffo Dampare.

This has allegedly led to disillusionment among the top hierarchy of the police service. Mr Kotin made this known on TV3 on Tuesday, April 25 while speaking about the alleged shooting of a lady, 26, in Adum, Kumasi by an Inspector with a service rifle.

The security analyst further claimed that the so-called Dampare Boys are quickly promoted as against the very regimen of the Service.

He disclosed that most of the Dampare Boys have been promoted as Inspectors. He said the situation should be questioned “whether under the law the IGP has the right to create such a body”.

It is concerning that Mr Kotin also claimed that senior officers who are against this group of officers have been cowed into silence as “they are afraid to talk”.

This alleged situation is not conducive to a healthy work environment and is likely to create resentment and animosity within the ranks of the police service.

It is therefore imperative that the allegations made by Mr Kotin are thoroughly investigated by the appropriate authorities. If it is found that the IGP has indeed created a group of officers who are not answerable to their superiors and are quickly promoted without due regard for the established protocols, then the necessary steps should be taken to remedy the situation.

The police service plays a crucial role in maintaining law and order in any country, and it is important that the integrity and professionalism of the service are upheld at all times.

Any action or behavior that undermines these values should not be tolerated. Therefore, it is recommended that Parliament summon the IGP to answer questions on this breed of officers he is allegedly keeping in the Service.

This will enable the relevant authorities to get to the bottom of this issue and take the necessary action to restore order and discipline within the Ghana Police Service.

Source: 3News

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