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“Strategizing Businesses Should Not Rely on Spiritual Prophecies, Says Ofosu-Dorte”



“Strategizing Businesses Should Not Rely on Spiritual Prophecies, Says Ofosu-Dorte”

David Ofosu-Dorte, Senior Partner at AB & David, argues against basing business strategies on spiritual prophecies, emphasizing a pragmatic approach grounded in tangible factors.

Mr. Ofosu-Dorte, known for his crystal balling, suggests that businesses should instead be strategized based on three factors commonly utilized for predictions: trends, history, and intuition.

During an interview on The Point of View on Citi TV, he highlighted the significance of these factors in shaping business decisions. While acknowledging the existence of prophecies, Mr. Ofosu-Dorte stressed that they often pertain to individuals rather than overarching business strategies.

He explained, “There are prophecies that come to pass. I cannot speak to them. But you notice that those prophecies are about individuals, mainly. Most people make a claim to have spoken to God. I don’t make such a claim.”

Mr. Ofosu-Dorte elaborated on his approach, stating, “What it is is that I look at trends…There are three factors I use in my predictions. The first factor is the trend. And we watch trends a lot in all sectors. The second factor is history. History is a very important part of what may happen in the future. There’s a cycle in history and again at times history guides us on how to depart from the mistakes that we made. The last one is intuition, and that intuition is based on our experience. What your collection of experiences is telling you, that of all the diverse events happening, this is perhaps what you must focus on.”

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