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MTN takes steps to decongest service centres during SIM re-registration



MTN takes steps to decongest service centres during SIM re-registration

In a bid to reduce congestion at various SIM card re-registration centres across the country, telecommunication giant, MTN Ghana, says it has deployed mobile teams to support activations going on at registration centres.

In addition to that, it says it is set to have almost 200 community activations taking place across the country.

It further added that it is working to increase the number of devices officers are using for the registration exercise to enhance the process.

Speaking during a virtual media briefing, General Manager for Regional Sales and Distribution for Southern Ghana, Abubakar Mohammed, also urged clients to use the self-service approach where they will link their Ghana Cards with their SIM cards before visiting registration centres to avoid delays.

“We have deployed our mobile teams to support the SIM activations at the various service centres. There have also been community activations to support various service centres. Going forward, to decongest, we will have almost 200 community activations happening across the country.”

“At the same time, we will have the mobile teams that would be going to the institutions to support them with the re-registration exercise. We also have plans to increase our devices to support the activations. All these put together, we will be able to decongest our service centres and also help customers”, he said.

Some Ghanaians who are seeking to re-register their SIM cards with the Ghana card are complaining about the excessively long queues they’ve had to endure at the offices of some telecommunication companies.

The situation has worsened since the first working day in 2022.

“Key to also support the decongestion is for the customers to initiate and do the first leg which is the *404# where they will do the self-service to link their Ghana card details to their registration details to generate the unique code. Most often, they go to the service centres without that so, the agent will now start with the first process which will require sometime before they start with the bio capture which will also take some time”, Abubakar Mohammed added.

Meanwhile, some customers of telecommunication networks operating in the country are calling on the government to extend the period for the SIM card re-registration exercise.

This is because the government has set March 31, 2022, as the deadline for the re-registration.

Source: CNR

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